If you own at least one pair of white sneakers, like the vast majority, then you know that ensuring they are always kept clean is not as easy job at all: in fact, quite often the upper, along with the soles and sides, are dirtied, taking on a faded and completely worn-out look.  
It is now easy to get them once again looking brand new thanks to Clean2Go, a new patented product for keeping your shoes clean without having to scrub the surfaces or use harmful chemical substances. Developed by the research team of T. Oesterwinter GmbH & Co. KG in Bielefeld, Germany, Clean2Go is a liquid that does not work on a chemical base, but rather on a physical one, and it is completely sustainable. “The application of the liquid generates a micro-earthquake – explains Matthias Oesterwinter technical manager of the company – bubbles of 200 nanometres move at a rate of up to 8000 times a second, going beneath the dirt after being sprayed on and then moving upwards. This way all that’s left to do is remove the dirt and… it’s a done deal! This system also offers protection from dirt similar to impregnation. Even better, Clean2Go is label-free and tested by Dermatest® with excellent skin compatibility: it contains no aggressive or inflammable alcohols like isopropyl
alcohol, so it can even be used on the face as a cosmetic detergent”.