Giuseppe Librandi, Presidente e CEO di COIM

Neoflex – founded in Elche, Spain, in 1969 – is a company specialising in the sector of one- and two-component polyurethane Reactive Hot Melt adhesives for the industry.
At the end of April 2021, the controlling stake in Neoflex was taken over by C.O.I.M. S.p.A., an Italian multinational that has been producing specialty chemicals since 1962 and operating all over the world through eighteen production and trading companies, acquired the controlling stake in the Spanish company Neoflex SL at the end of April 2021.
“This strategic acquisition will allow COIM to strengthen its presence in the polyurethane adhesives market”, explains Giuseppe Librandi, COIM’s President and CEO. “The downstream integration of our polyesters will allow us to decisively enter a specialty market with high added value and constant growth”.
Synergies with COIM are manifold: Neoflex offers low environmental impact solutions that also include the use of raw materials already produced in COIM. Furthermore, by joining a Group structured like COIM, Neoflex customers can be served at national and European level, as well as in all the regions of the world where they operate.
Thanks to an intense research and development activity, Neoflex offers customers a complete and constantly evolving range of adhesives, which covers traditional applications and is oriented towards the most innovative production processes.
In recent years, COIM has maintained an approach according to which “it is the products that follow the market”. A philosophy that has determined COIM’s success worldwide. In fact, in addition to internal growth, the acquisition policy with downstream integration aimed at expanding the product portfolio is the other determining factor for the expansion of the Group.