The new automated warehouse that COIM built in the Offanengo production plant and whose project was defined in 2018 has been recently inaugurated. The project objective, aimed at supporting the increase in COIM’s business, was to create a warehouse inside the factory but located in a position that would allow intralogistic rationalisation: from inner access, to flexibility and speed in order processing, up to, obviously, maximum safety.

Giuseppe Librandi – CEO of COIM, during the inauguration of the new warehouse in Offanengo
Massimo Tonani – Site Manager dello stabilimento COIM a Offanengo
Paolo D’Adda, Supply Chain Manager di Coim

Following a careful evaluation of the available options – traditional stacked warehouse, semi-automatic warehouse or automatic warehouse with stacker cranes – COIM opted for the latter, making a challenging choice in the world of chemistry.
The new warehouse, intended for the storage of chemicals – raw materials and finished products ready for delivery – is completely automated and the handling flows are guided by a “tailor-made” WMS (Warehouse Management System) that tracks the rotation of the managed references, with optimisation of product storage and distribution. The WMS system also guarantees the traceability of the goods, whose progress is individually identified by a bar-coding system of the loading units.

Regulatory and technological challenges and the uniqueness of the new COIM warehouse
“Considering the heterogeneity of the packaging used by COIM and the need to create a structure with a high reception capacity, one of the most important prerogatives in the evaluation of possible solutions, was flexibility”, explains Paolo D’Adda, Coim’s Supply Chain Manager.

Being a warehouse inside a chemical plant, the study for its construction required numerous further investigations taking into account specific precautions, not least double fire safety-measures.
“The project saw the involvement of more than forty direct suppliers, over one hundred if we consider also subcontracting”, explains Massimo Tonani, Site Manager of the COIM plant in Offanengo. “We can affirm that the best Italian companies and skills have been involved in this area, as well as COIM’s strategic functions”.

The performance of the warehouse, of course, but also the reduction of the landscape and environmental impact required some thinking: “If we had opted for a traditional warehouse, to obtain the same result in terms of capacity we would have had to build on a much larger surface of virgin soil”, adds Massimo Tonani.
COIM has shown further attention to the environment by planting over 1,000 tall trees to mitigate the impact on the landscape and by studying a building colour that harmoniously integrates with the environmental context.

– Area of approximately 3,000 m2
– Vertical development
– Overall dimensions of 25 meters in height, 30 in width and 100 in length
– Capacity of over 10,000 pallet spaces
– Productivity of about 200 pallets per hour
– Managed references: about 3000
– 4 stacker cranes
– 4 System Vehicle Loop for a 147 m line
– 24 motorised conveyors