Giuseppe Librandi, COIM President and CEO

COIM, an Italian multinational that has been developing and marketing chemical specialties for the manufacturing industry since 1962 and which operates all over the world through 18 production and commercial companies with more than 1,000 employees, for a turnover of almost 800 million euro, recognises its employees a 2020 participation bonus with an average value of 6,000 euro.
“The participation bonus, established in COIM almost twenty years ago, today does not rely solely on the economic results achieved, but evaluates also the participation of employees in the company’s values and life”, explains Giuseppe Librandi, COIM President and CEO. “In 2020 we wanted to reward the uninterrupted activity of our employees in the company in a particular way, even in the most difficult times of the health emergency”.
In the production plant located in Offanengo (CR), out of a total of 460 employees, 220 were never absent. The absence rate due to sickness and leave – which stood at 2.6%, with a peak of 3.3% in March 2020 – is one of the lowest in the entire province.

Michela Donesana, COIM HR Manager

“During the lockdown period of March and April 2020, our company was among those that were allowed not to interrupt the business” – explains Michela Donesana, COIM HR Manager. “To protect the safety and health of workers and their families, COIM immediately made personal protective equipment available, despite the difficulties encountered in finding them, produced sanitisers internally and established specific safety protocols. The presence was not limited to the production departments, even office activities continued at full speed and the top figures never lacked their participation, to speak up for the total safety of the workplace and the values that have always guided our company: family and trust”- continues Michela Donesana.
COIM’s attention and commitment towards the territory, its employees and their families are expressed in numerous initiatives such as school-work alternation, open days and hospitality in the company to carry out curricular internships.