COIM, the Italian multinational chemical company, continues to accelerate on the theme of sustainability, focusing on the Laripur RS line of thermoplastic polyurethanes that contain a high percent of raw materials coming from renewable sources of vegetable origins. “Laripur RS is a material that is meeting up with strong interest in the market – explains Andrea Donghi, specialist in the research and development department – especially in the fashion shoe industry, with brands like Gucci, Prada, Westwood… which are always on the lookout for innovative solutions. In terms of performance, the Laripur RS line guarantees high performance and can be used in the same conditions of  standard products, without having to change or modify the production plants present in the department, while maintaining the complete recyclability and the possibility of applying various kinds of masters, from dyes, to extenders, antistatic finishes, etc.”.


The Laripur RS line includes a diversified range of products with a high level of technological performance and allows all traditional applications of TPU to be covered, from footwear to sports and technical items like tubes, trim, and film. 


The carbon content from renewable sources in the Laripur line arrives at 710%: a percent that guarantees a reduced environmental impact when compared to products derived from raw fossil fuels, providing a suitable answer to the growing awareness surrounding the environment with a higher level of sustainability.


In addition to the existing range and as a further extension of the Laripur RS line, COIM continues to work in its R&D laboratories of Offanengo (CR) on developing technology from renewable sources also for other lines of products, thus confirming its increasingly strong commitment to the issue of sustainability with special attention on the themes of recyclability, reduced water consumption, and reduced CO2 emissions.