scarpe-fieraEven in 2018 Gusbi carried on the important collaboration with companies in the footwear machinery field in order to carry out a co-branding marketing operation that would bring visibility to the innovative technologies offered by the brands.

Thanks to the Assomac New Generation project – said Irene Bianchi – I got to know other young entrepreneurs from other companies in our sector. And by pure chance, almost for fun, together with Autec and Sagitta we decided to present a joint project that would combine each other’s technologies and demonstrate feasibility and validity of an integrated production process.

The beautiful sneaker with uppers in studded leather, thanks to Sagitta’s automatic nailheads applying machine, automatically roughed by Autec and completed with a sole injected by Gusbi, is a fantastic business card for the genius, functionality and creativity of Made in Italy.

gusbi_img_9309Furthermore, at Simac 2019, Gusbi has re-proposed the casting machine for direct injection on the upper, which continues to be in great demand given the success of the polyurethane soles to be applied to sneakers which must be fashionable, but also comfortable.

“I found a lot of interest in the certification of the Green Label – concludes Irene Bianchi. We were among the first to achieve it and if last year we had to explain it to customers, today they are the ones who ask for it”.