Named “2067”, the new FW 2018-2019 collection by Conceria Montebello pays tribute to the creative project designed to celebrate the company’s fiftieth anniversary. What today is known as Conceria Montebello S.p.a was, in fact, founded in 1967, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Giuseppe Dalle Mese. At more than 50 years from its establishment, today, the company has a turnover of around 50 million euros, with around 68% of its production destined for exports. A reality that has the entire production chain located in-house – from rawhides to the delivery of materials finished using the most innovative tanning techniques -, offering in its facilities, which are all located in Montebello Vicentino, a productive capacity equal to 300,000 square metres of leather per month.

It is exactly this story of commitment and success that is told through the collections developed over the course of the last few seasons, as a leitmotif tying the past to the future: thus, if the FW 17/18 collection was called “1867”, to tell the tale of what the world was like 100 hundred years before the tannery’s founding; the SS 2018 collection was dedicated to its “Happy Birthday 1967” celebrations. Now, the FW 18/19 season projects us into the future, creating a symbolic space-time continuity for the world of tanning, which although it is traditionally considered one of the most antique activities, is also cutting-edge in terms of research and technical-creative innovation.

The vision of the creative team is described through images, materials, and colours expressed in four moods: starting to meditate in a detached SILENCE, we can imagine, in 50 years, a world where BIEN-ÊTRE, the well-being of individuals, will be at the forefront of respect for nature and the environment; we will come with a baggage made of our history and culture, HERITAGE, which will allow us to achieve, through technology and innovation, DYNAMICA, a better quality of life.

The SILENCE mood is characterised by light, neutral, and desaturated tones, which transmit a detached and cold atmosphere, but also copper tones that depict an ideal combination between the natural elements of copper and leather; plus, thousands of shades of green that recall nature, the origin of everything, all the way to blacks that symbolise the achievement of inner peace. 

BIEN-ÊTRE, instead, proposes bulky and velvety leathers, matched and brushed in warm tones that recall the sensation of a warm welcome. The power of copper is rediscovered, which upon contact with the skin, frees the body of negative energies, while the future can also be seen in the metallic effects of a bionic style.

With HERITAGE, the elements of the tanning tradition are re-proposed in a contemporary and progressive key. The tones are blue and powder pink-violet and the key words are refinement and tradition.

Finally, we find the DYNAMICA mood, which expresses the appeal of a futuristic high performance setting. Leathers with iridescent and glossy treatments lead us into futuristic imagery, where speed, sports, and adrenaline resound as movement and evolution.

Next to the new proposals and inspirations for FW 2018-19 and the study of custom-made solutions for individual customers, today, Conceria Montebello also offers a new service with the proposal of “THE CORE” collection: 35 products, in almost 1000 colour variants, including those that are ready-made, which have been selected to offer a perfect recap of the brand’s DNA of excellence and research.

The Conceria Montebello offering stands out not only for its quality and innovation, but also for its cutting-edge approach to environmental issues, and respect for the health and safety of its workers, as demonstrated by its ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification, and its Gold Rated Certification (Conceria Montebello was the first in Italy to have its Environmental Management System undergo an audit in accordance with LWG – Leather Working Group – protocol, allowing it to qualify today for the prestigious Gold Rated certification).

In terms of sustainability, over the years, Conceria Montebello has implemented a programme aimed at optimising its consumption and reducing its environmental impact. Thanks to the use of a combined solar panel installation and cogeneration system, the company is almost completely self-sufficient in terms of electric energy consumption. Moreover, there is an in-house pre-treatment purification plant and water-recycling system for the drums, as well as LED and LED inverter lighting systems for greater energy savings. Finally, the company’s traditional tanning methods are based on those used by the food industry for recycling scraps, while the leathers come from non-intensive European farms and scraps are recovered in production.