sace-components__3dwood_1j2a6799With its headquarters located in Fermo, Sace Components manufactures cork for a number of different sectors – from fashion to furnishings, and from the construction to nautical industries. It has made ‘cork culture’ its very own strength, thanks to an across-the-board expertise with this material that has allowed it to propose solutions that are always innovative in a number of different sectors.
Present at Lineapelle in Milan this past February as an exhibitor, the company offered its clientele a vast range of products for footwear and leather goods, which included in particular CorkSkin and 3DWood.

CorkSkin is a line that has been studied to create an aesthetic and tactile effect similar to leather. CorkSkin Touch, for example, is a natural cork material matched with microfiber, which is capable of offering an especially soft feel, while maintaining a high level of resistance. The line also offers items that imitate exotic leathers or leathers with or without relief, as well as coloured skins, in order to create light and dark contrasts of great impact. Last, but not least, there are also patent leather CorkSkin items, with colours that range from iridescent to metallic, matte, etc.
sace-components_3dwoodj2a6805The other leading product that the company presented at the fair that met up with much interest by visitors was 3DWood, a wood that has been transformed into a soft and flexible material, which nevertheless maintains a high level of resistance that is suitable for use in footwear and leather goods.
3DWood is, in fact, wood coupled with fabric that has been superficially cut, so as not to change the essence of the wood, and it comes available in even the lightest tones: the original colour is accordingly maintained, with a shot surface of great impact. The wood can also undergo surface treatments that exalt its feature or which make it anti-stain, waterproof, or softer.