The new CorkSkin line of cork-based fabrics, the spearhead of research in the Fashion&Style business unit of SACE Components, is aimed at the various fashion sectors – footwear, leather goods, and accessories – in search of innovative and sustainable materials with an exclusive stylistic content.

The products of the CorkSkin line present features extremely similar to leather, in addition to the originality offered by the special properties of cork. In particular, the line stands out for its unique look and sinuous feel thanks to the special softness of the texture, and for its versatility, practicality, and elasticity. These elements are combined with the intrinsic features of cork, a natural and high quality material, which is in line with the eco-friendly trends of the most exclusive collections.

To these technical features, CorkSkin adds a clear fashion orientation with different stylistic interpretations suited to different tastes, which satisfy the most sophisticated aesthetic needs of the fashion industry. The line also offers items that imitate exotic leathers, embellished by relief prints with multiple designs, and chiaroscuro effects that convey depth, in iridescent, metallic, and matte colours, along with different varnishings. Moreover, the line even includes the innovative CorkSkin Touch, a natural cork fabric matched with microfiber, which conveys an even more pleasurable feel to garments.

“Through CorkSkin and other proposals for the fashion industry, we propose ourselves as an avant-garde company in the field of fashion, revealing the aesthetic and creative appeal that also sustainable experimentations can offer in terms of the originality of new creations to be worn – comments Gloria Capriotti, Owner and R&D Director of SACE Components – CorkSkin is an example of how innovation can contribute to the renewal of an entire sector, pushing it to reinvent itself, while discovering solutions that are always new, without having to sacrifice the quality of fabrics and their design”.

The SACE Fashion&Style business unit completes its offer with fabrics of natural origins like 3DWood, a wood coupled with fabric that is especially flexible and resistant, as well as suited above all for use in footwear and leather goods.

Gloria Capriotti