Training, always in the foreground for the Tuscan Leather Consortium, does not stop thanks to digital technology. Two seminars, one already held on 11 May and the next scheduled for 3 June, will show students attending the Fashion and Costume Science Degree Course at the La Sapienza University of Rome the elements that characterise the production of sole leather, from its distinctive features to the processes that ensure product excellence. The title of the workshop, organised by Lineapelle, “Sole leather: features and processes” will introduce students to the traditional art of leather craftsmanship, of which the companies that are part of Cuoio di Toscana represent excellence in the world – with shares equal to 98% of the Italian market and over 80% of the European one.
It will start with an analysis of the product quality, whose high level is ensured by production processes that have remained unchanged over time (such as slow vegetable tanning which guarantees that leather has those unique features of compactness, resistance, breathability and eco-sustainability) to achieve the close bond with style, ensured by manufacturing techniques that create a malleable and adaptable raw material according to the most varied creative requirements. The focus on the entire supply chain, based on high quality, traceable and certified quality standards, is also worth mentioning.