Flash glitter finishes, striped silkscreen prints, pyramid-shaped prints with iridescent effect, floral themes and hand-crafted elements with drop effect: these are just some of the latest trends that Cuoio di Toscana, a leading consortium in the production of sole leather with market shares of 80% in Europe and 98% in Italy, presents at Lineapelle, the most important event in the sector, in Milan from 2 to 4 October 2019, and soon in the main international fairs dedicated to the fashion and footwear world.

The seven companies of the brand, part of the tanning district between Santa Croce and San Miniato – Bonistalli and Stefanelli Spa, Conciario Group CMC International Spa, Conceria Gi-Elle-Emme Spa, Cuoificio Otello, Lamonti Cuoio Spa, Conceria 3S Srl and Volpi Concerie Srl – present the latest trends, mixing natural procedures and technology. With innovative effects and working procedures such as barrel-dyed leather, floral patterns obtained through a cutting plotter, or buffer finishing and camouflage print, to arrive at finishes in various fashion textures, able to intercept and anticipate fashion trends.

Cuoio di Toscana is a unique sole leather obtained through slow vegetable tanning, an ancient process based on the use of natural tannins obtained from chestnut, mimosa and quebracho wood. This system gives the sole leather an inimitable quality, making it compact, breathable, resistant, at the same time flexible by perfectly meeting sustainable production criteria.

A tradition that interacts with innovation: 10% of the annual turnover, equal to 15 million euro, is in fact reinvested in Research and Development, with a constant eye on the future. An attention that has led Cuoio di Toscana to devise a traceability kit that includes an authenticity tag, which certifies the origin, quality and state-of-the-art processing of vegetable tanned sole leather, a serial number identifier of the tannery supplying the leather, and the NFC Tag, that is a ‘smartshoe’ which, thanks to a tiny chip integrated inside the sole, allows not only to trace the origin and processing method, but also to learn more on the manufacturing company. Furthermore, in order to preserve the quality of the sole leather in every processing phase, the leather is supplied with a branded protective film, which also guarantees its authenticity and excellence.

Finishing  made with paper applied with the floral print
From the left: flash glitter finish, buffered finish and camouflage print, striped patterned finish made through screen printing, handcrafted with drop effect
Drum dyed white, with flower design obtained through a cutting plotter
Examples of finishes in various fashion textures
Printed with pyramidal engravings and iridescent effect
Vintage effect obtained through a cutting plotter