cuoio-di-toscana-a-lineapelle96_la-cool-hunter-orietta-pellizzari“Customisation is the most advanced innovation. The market asks for unique products, made that way by details, finishes and designs created specifically for the customer or the company”.

This is how the cool hunter Orietta Pelizzari – UNIC consultant specialised in international market developments – last February during Lineapelle Milano, the most important event in the sector, talked for Cuoio di Toscana about the novelties of the sector.

During the presentation of the Summer 2020 trends we talked about the leather of tomorrow, especially of “crafting customisation”, that is of “hi tech” garments, made with ever more advanced technologies.

Furthermore – continues the cool hunter – the trend is to create collections of contemporary interpretation, design and minimalism inspired by individual cities or countries.

Among the new processes and effects presented by Cuoio di Toscana at Lineapelle: marbled or vintage-effect buffered leather, velvet-effect nubuck or sand-blasted leather, barrel-dyed leather finished with floral patterns printed with plotter and perforated leather with metallic finish.


cuoio-di-toscana-lineapelle96_2“Trends – says Orietta Pelizzari – start from the needs of consumers, who are increasingly aware of what they buy. Consumers asking themselves discriminating questions like: where does the product I wear come from? How was this sole made? Will it be a healthy material?”. Another key word is therefore: truth. The consumer is increasingly attentive to sustainability, both in human and environmental terms, and to everything concerning allergies and health.
“Leather – continues the cool hunter – is one of the most natural materials in existence: it responds to a new concept of sustainability, an increasingly important issue for the new generation of consumers”.

Antonio Quirici, chairman of Cuoio di Toscana agrees with the cool hunter:

Our goal is to continue working by investing in new technologies and innovation to create an increasingly customisable product, in which finishing is one of the most important aspects, so as to best meet customer needs.


Cuoio di Toscana is the leading consortium in the production of sole leather with market shares of 80% in Europe and 98% in Italy.
The sole leather produced is unique, obtained with slow vegetable tanning, an ancient process based on the use of natural tannins obtained from chestnut, mimosa and quebracho wood. The brand was created with the aim of reflecting the world of the tanning district and the companies from Santa Croce sull’Arno (Bonistalli and Stefanelli Spa), those from San Miniato, location Ponte a Egola (Gruppo Conciario CMC International Spa, Conceria Gi-Elle-Emme Spa, Cuoificio Otello, Lamonti Cuoio Spa, Conceria 3S Srl e Volpi Concerie Srl) are part of it.