Innovative and timeless sneakers, the trademark of which are minimalistic details, sophisticated techniques of overlapping leathers, and the possibility of a unique and one-of-a-kind luxury customisation, Daniel Essa shoes are redefining the future of shoemaking. Created by Syrian designer Daniel Essa and crafted by the very best Italian studios, where a perfect blending between French style and Italian craftsmanship occurs, Daniel Essa is reshaping the future of shoe creation.

Inspired by the rich culture of his native land, for the logo of his sneakers, Daniel Essa has chosen a unicorn, symbolizing his pathway towards success, thanks to the magical power of this mythological creature. A success that is even more impressive when you consider his previous experience as a war refugee, which also translates into the adoption of an ethical and sustainable production model and the decision to imprint in every pair of shoes a secret message of love and peace.

Daniel Essa sneakers are suited to every occasion and are destined to last over time, since they are not tied into any one fashion trend: from slip-ons with layerings of seamless and customisable materials and laces and straps that are interchangeable, to high-tops in a combination of leather and neoprene for greater comfort, they stand out for a use of sustainable leathers and metallic accessories in champagne tones. A proposal with the highest standards of integrity, innovation, quality, and sustainability that allow customers to express their own individuality and celebrate the diversity of modern communities.