“In the year of our centenary, Demetra represents the meeting point between our vision of beauty and quality and our desire to innovate. A new material that, starting from our skills and know-how, contributes to the development of an innovative future. With Demetra, we provide our industry with an alternative material, easily scalable and more sustainable, which also responds to the demand for animal-free solutions”, states Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci.

The result of two years of internal research and development at the Maison, and entirely produced in Italy in the Tuscan plants of the Colonna Group, of which Gucci owns 51%, Demetra combines production efficiency and the use of sustainable animal-free and renewable raw materials, with the beauty, softness and durability of the skin. Demetra is, in fact, a revolutionary material created applying the same skills and processes used for tanning, which give it unique features, making it flexible and at the same time resistant, with a soft and luxurious finishing. Demetra is made with animal-free raw materials in large part deriving from sustainable, renewable and bio-based sources and, unlike most of the recently developed materials, it has no scalability obstacles or volume limitations. Moreover, the Demetra waste obtained during production is recycled and reused by Gucci with a view to greater circularity, in line with the Gucci-Up circular economy initiative focused on upcycling, thanks to which Gucci recovers leather waste and fabric generated in manufacturing processes. Demetra is part of the ‘Gucci Equilibrium’ project aimed at reducing the impact on the environment and protecting nature, respecting mankind and with a view to inclusion.

Basket, New Ace and Rhyton – are Gucci’s three sneaker models made from Demetra –  but the innovative material will be made available to other companies and brands in the fashion industry, so that they can customise it and obtain entire unique finishes.

Gucci New Ace
Gucci Rhyton