DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH, worldwide leader in the production of direct soling machines, decided to once again push back the usual rendezvous with the technological innovation of Desma House Fair, postponing it to 2022, because of continuing concerns connected to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the impossibility of bringing together a large number of people in complete and total safety. A tough, yet necessary, decision made by the heads of this German giant, also in consideration of the fact that the forecast for next year is promising, with the global economy recovering, consumer spending increasing, and the global vaccine campaign soon destined to have a positive effect.

The ‘open door’ rendezvous with the headquarters in Achim, Germany, will accordingly be renewed in complete safety next year at a date that is yet to be determined. On this occasion, local exhibitors and Desma’s international partners will present their products and services, expressing the high level of know-how and expertise achieved in the field of injection technology, along with the latest market developments and future trends. A unique and extremely valuable opportunity for the numerous visitors, who gather together at Achim to witness the presentations and live demonstrations first-hand, as well as learn about the latest products and technological innovations, with the possibility of asking questions and undertaking in-depth discussions.

The last edition of the Desma House Fair, which took place in 2018, achieved a new record in terms of turnout, with the participation of 54 exhibitors – as an expression of the entire footwear industry (from suppliers of materials to suppliers of services and design, from component manufacturers to shoe producers ) – and 780 visitors coming from six continents.

While awaiting the 2022 edition, Desma in any case invites members of the trade to connect with one another on the DESMA House Fair Community on LinkedIn, so they can exchange information with other professionals and experts from the footwear industry, or request an in-person appointment at the headquarters in Achim.