“Nature gives us life every day, we can reciprocate with our responsible actions”. This is how they see it at Italian Converter. And in order not to stop at words, the Vigevano company has for some years embarked on a sustainable path that has led it to create a line of products called E.C.O. Kosmos Collection – Ecologic Conversion Optimisatioin. Ingredients of the highest quality, fully traceable and transparent, plus 100% Made in Italy know-how for footwear, accessories and fashion that want to look to the future while caring for the new generations. The same commitment that Italian Converter also puts in the creation of a supply chain that respects the parameters of its RSL list interpreting sustainability in a broad sense, which means respect for workers and consumers, respect for human rights, innovation and research stimulus.

This philosophy led to the birth of ECO Hide, the first regenerated leather made by recovering the processing scraps of pre-consumer leathers, then recompacted to give it new life.

A material that Italian Converter has made even more eco-friendly thanks to the white finish that covers it: a revolutionary BIO-based polymer made with products from renewable sources.

Among the features that make it even more attentive to the environment and to the optimisation of production processes, we also find its roll packaging. A solution that allows fashion sector productions to avoid the many wastes often generated during the cutting phases. A product thus designed with intelligence, that does not neglect aesthetics and comes in a version that closely resembles real leather.

– Reduction of industrial waste
– Respect for the environment
– Ecological innovation
– Greater yield in the cut
– Spare cut possible
– White colour, the one mostly used for sneakers