E.C.O. Kosmos is the innovative line of fabrics for the fashion industry from the Vigevano-based company of Italian Converter, which is fruit of responsible research and development. The acronym E.C.O. in fact means Ecologic Conversion Optimisation, three values that create a line of avant-garde fabrics with a production that is completely traceable and transparent, 100% Made in Italy, and which includes a complete range of natural materials spanning from those that are recycled to high tech ones.

The products blend cotton together with AMNI SOUL ECO®, a 6.6 super performance polyamide that is biodegradable in only five years. It develops stretch materials with a GRS-certified Newlife® base, a premium recycled polyester that comes from a high tech conversion model. Thanks to a mechanical process, used plastic bottles are transformed into an extremely high quality polymer that is 100% traceable and 100% Made in Italy: the entire process in fact occurs in the 100-km area located between Lombardy and Piedmont. All references of the collection use water-based resins and certified dyes.

Resistant and breathable solutions with a thick and silky hand, which is intense and enveloping at the same time, the E.C.O. Kosmos range includes products with variants that span from rustic to contemporary, passing through 3D weaves and jacquard structures. Proposals that convey authentic looks of great impact for the footwear, apparel, and leather goods industries.

At the heart of the E.C.O. Kosmos project is the responsible approach of Italian Converter with respect for both ethical practices and the environment. Processes of transformation and perfecting quality are undertaken with maximum care and monitoring. Likewise, there is a focus on investing in people and job quality, as well as on the creation of a supply chain that shares the same values of RSL, and which adopts the same codes of ethical conduct and responsibility.

From this chain of values, arises the E.C.O. Kosmos proposal, where innovation becomes style, and quality is based on a sustainable and transparent design.