b73e1219814159-562e0c47e15e9”C.D.C. don’t want to follow trends, but to inspire them. This is what moves us to fully express our creativity and to put it to our customers service. We are constantly working to innovate and to maximise the development of our product, to look for ever-new challenges”. This is how the company presents itself on its website.

Among the challenges faced in the last few years, we can include, without a doubt, sustainability, towards which C.D.C. has moved decidedly. This is shown by the various certifications obtained (ISO 14001:2004; Social and Ethical Requirements) and above all by the concreteness of some facts. For example, its new facility has a 150 KW photovoltaic system for the management of plating (which follows the one already installed in the previous manufacturing plant in 2011).

Or the practically non-existent water consumption, as C.D.C. has equipped itself with a wastewater treatment plant that enables to reuse about 80% of it.

dsc_1928_0979Not to mention the continual tests on products, carried out every week in the company’s internal laboratory, aimed at monitoring nickel release and heavy metals content.