IPR, a company that specialises in the production of footwear soles, considers it the company’s priority to interact with the environment in a responsible manner, through a production process in which eco-sustainability becomes an essential principle.
In fact, the company believes that environmental sustainability is not only a goal to be achieved, but also a daily modus operandi, which is expressed in serious and careful research.
The company’s “green” philosophy is reflected in all its production processes, with more than two million pairs of shoes produced annually using a special eco-friendly compound (NRM); through the reuse of production waste that is reintroduced into the process; the recovery of solvents during the moulding of the soles; the use of water-based paints; and a special focus on energy with 500 Kilowatt/h produced internally through the use of a methane-fuelled cogenerator.
For this constant commitment, IPR has over time obtained important and influential certifications, such as the ISO 14001, demonstrating maximum adherence and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
The company is committed to researching and developing new techniques and applications for high-performance soles, but has also chosen to reduce the environmental impact of its production for the good of the planet.
For IPR, ensuring environmental sustainability therefore means keeping our natural ecosystem through an ecosystem of conscious behaviour.