With the cry, “We want to do our part too!” Elettrotecnica BC starts a commendable initiative: free distribution to all its customers, owners of its BC2020XC machines for 3D Knitting technology, the file for the production of 3D knitted protective cotton masks.

The masks made with 3D technology are seamless and offer an excellent fit and comfort. The ties for the ears are knitted together with the mask (no additional stitching is necessary) to simplify production.
Masks that reduce the level of stress on the ears and can be washed and reused repeatedly. It is also possible to insert antivirus filters available on the market and other filtration fabrics.

Attention: unlike common non-woven surgical masks, however, knitted masks do not have virus and pollen filtering capabilities per se, and their use is primarily intended to prevent contact with coughing and/or sneezing particles and to reduce exposure to allergens.

All owners of a BC2020XC machine can request the file directly from: