Back on November 12th 2021, "Out of Fashion" is the advanced training course on sustainable fashion organized by Connecting Cultures in collaboration with scrl, with a proposal of constantly updated contents on the theme of sustainability in textile and clothing. The course, now in its seventh edition, is carried out in collaboration with CNA Milan, the Gianfranco Ferré Foundation and the support of the Consulate General of the Netherlands.The course develops in a formula of seven modules of two days each (Friday and Saturday), for a total of 84 hours which will end in May 2022. The lessons will take place online through Zoom but the program includes face-to-face modules in case of visits to companies or workshop activities.
For this upcoming edition, the "Out of Fashion" training course includes a new module entirely focused on the theme of recycling, addressed in all its complexity: from the definition of the different practices to the new experiments, from the need for a systemic approach and partnership on a district level, to the fundamental role of design. The module is part of a training project that offers a systemic 360-degree vision on the theme of fashion sustainability, addressed in all its many aspects: new business models, fibers, organic and synthetic materials and environmental sustainability, technological innovations, traceability of supply chain, corporate responsibility and workers' rights, communication and relationship with the consumer, successful case histories.