It is important to remember that technology plays a fundamental role in the evolution of products in the contemporary textile world. In an increasingly demanding market, both in terms of speed presentation and technical features, which is always attentive to sustainability, it is necessary to create new production approaches that can influence the characteristics of the product or even just production processes.

beste-color-palette-7This differentiated approach is fundamental to analyse some of the most interesting cases on the international scene. For example, if we talk about production processes, the new “Bestone”, made by Prato’s Beste – leader in the production of fabrics – allows any colour to be sampled with extreme precision through the electronic reading connected to an app. The customer can select up to 8 different textile bases to be tested and send the request to the company which, within 48 hours, undertakes to send a sample, from the classic lab dip up to a sampling of 5 metres. A revolutionary system especially because it reduces the colour sampling time (one of the most critical phases of textile sampling) assuring efficient colour interpretation service. Moreover, the “Bestone” system has a positive impact on energy savings both for water consumption in the dyeing process and in terms of carbon dioxide production. 


schermata-2019-05-12-alle-09-27-05The new Airy Sektor proposed by Benq Materials also fits in the same perspective. The company, which is part of the Taiwanese electronics group, has always specialised in the production of membranes and non-woven fabrics for the production of screen films and for the medical sector. Starting from the technical branch, has been developed the Airy Sektor membrane, which represents an interesting evolution of waterproof products. It is a hydrophobic nano-porous-based membrane that acts in two directions: the 10 billion nano-pores inserted into the product prevent water penetration, which slides on the surface level, facilitating at the same time breathability and sweat expulsion towards the outside. A more competitive system compared to others that do not yet offer this technology. The only other hydrophobic membrane, in fact, is the Gore-Tex® from which Airy Sektor differs not using PFCs, chemical additives now included in the black list of harmful substances which will soon be out of business.

37-5_fiber-and-master-batchOne of the most recent examples of technological evolution in textile processes is the “37.5® Technology” project. The American company Cocona presented an interesting process about yarn innovation that allows to regulate body temperature. Imagine the operation of the air conditioning: when positioned on automatic, if the temperature changes, air conditioning or heating is activated to return to the ideal temperature. The Cocona technology proposes the same principle through the insertion of nano particles inside the yarn itself (with a permanent effect on the fabric) in order to regulate the temperature of the human body through the accumulation of infrared rays emitted by the body and released, in the of sweat, always returning the value to 37.5 degrees Celsius, considered the ideal level for body functioning.