Walking on the snow can be extremely tiring and often the snowshoes we use on this kind of terrain are bulky, noisy, and slow us down. Resolving all these problems is Evvo, a snowshoe that has been transformed into a bona fide shoe for the snow, which is innovative and high performance thanks to a striking slip-on design and a technical rubber sole. The latter is in fact designed by Michelin Soles and is exclusively produced by JV International for Michelin: the geometric design of its tread allows the shoe to adapt itself, while maintaining an excellent grip on all kinds of terrain. Additionally, thanks to the compound, which is a special blend of foam and rubber, the Michelin sole has succeeded in significantly reducing the noise often generated by this kind of equipment.

Here accordingly is a valid alternative to classic snowshoes: Evvo shoes are a combination of technologies that allow the user to walk naturally and without too much difficulty on all kinds of winter terrain. From the beaten trail to pathways on fresh snow, the patented shape of Evvo snowshoes help you walk naturally, while saving energy on the snow. In fact, greater effort is not required to lift your feet higher than normal while walking: Evvo snowshoes allow for the same dynamism of a normal pair of shoes and curve without any problems around eventual obstacles. Lightweight, adjustable, and ergonomic, Evvo snowshoes are the ideal shoes for mountain adventures.