From leather, a specialisation of noble artisanal heritage, which defined the company’s beginnings in the roaring 60’s, to its exponential growth in the 80’s with Vito Pellegrino at its head; the company then opened up to soles made from thermoplastic, microporous, and para rubber materials, all the way up to the latest frontier represented by an innovative eco-sustainable product made using the special Eco Power compound. 

Made with biodegradable vegetable oils and coloured with natural water-based varnishes, without the addition of chemical additives, Eco Power is an extremely versatile product with technical features – like density, rupture load, resistance to laceration and abrasion, and elongation to failure – making it perfect for use in soles of all footwear sectors, including those for the fashion industry.

“This new line of products made with Eco Power would like to be our responsible answer to a market that is increasingly aware of environmental issues. – declares Vincenzo Pellegrino, current owner of the company and grandson of the founder – It offers the opportunity to footwear manufacturers to present sustainable products that also guarantee performance and look to a clientele that is increasingly aware of the issue”.

Over the decades, the evolution of the company has seen F.lli Pellegrino take on a role that is increasingly important on the national panorama, while standing out for its productive philosophy that is characterised by quality and excellence, essential features for positioning itself with success in the demanding field of components at the heart of the most prestigious Made in Italy. At the same time, its constant aptitude for innovation, a modern entrepreneurial and communication strategy, and constant participation in sector trade fair events, have increasingly expanded its horizons internationally, with a constantly rising percent of its production destined for foreign markets.  

Now in its third generation, F.lli Pellegrino arrives at 50 different destinations worldwide with its products. At the same time, it looks to the future by continuing to invest in new solutions for the footwear industry, which are increasingly characterised today by greater environmental responsibility.