Antonio Nerpiti

In 1969, Antonio Nerpiti, Giacomino Belleggia and Renzo Santoni founded the small metal parts company OMM in Montegiorgio. In over 50 years of activity, the company has provided work for many families, becoming one of the beating hearts of the area.
This is why many are mourning the passing of Antonio Nerpiti, who died at the age of 83 years. His son Giorgio, who now heads OMM, sadly shared the news: “Antonio’s big heart has stopped beating. He left us discreetly, which was as he had lived. He has left us lessons, values and ideals that we will always carry with us, so that we can still enjoy his discreet and silent company.”
Everyone described him as a true gentlemen, calm and determined, capable of essential communication, never over the top in his manner and tone. Employees remember him as an entrepreneur who had great respect for his collaborators, and who was passionately committed to the good name of the company.
He is also mourned by the sports world, in particular by the Montegiorgese Football Club, of which he was honorary president. He cultivated this passion as long as he could, that is, until the onset of his illness last August, accompanying the team on all its away trips in the fans’ bus.
He was never absent from the company even though he had been retired for years. “He was the one who opened and closed the doors, and he still handled some of his customers by passing on orders to production,” say some employees.