From Segromigno, in the province of Lucca, arrives a modern concept of artisanal workshop, a design studio that takes theory and transforms it into practice. A workshop with a bona fide “glocal” philosophy, strong from its creative research on a global scale, which is completed by the excellence of local manufacturing: Serena Cecchini Design.

The reality is born from the meeting between the creative souls of Serena Cecchini and Edoardo Filippo Marsili. The former, raised in the world of Tuscan craftsmanship where she was able to develop and build upon her expertise in the field of footwear and accessories at the company owned by her family, then went on to expand her horizons by doing research worldwide in places like London, Paris, Hamburg, New York, and the much beloved Mumbai, where she learned techniques of hand embroidery and developed a strong awareness in terms of fabric and colour combinations. The latter, instead, after getting his college degree from D.A.M.S. in Bologna and a Master’s in industrial photography and digital post-production in Milan, finished his education in the Far East, to then dedicate himself to photography and graphics, and accordingly become an entrepreneur in the apparel and footwear retail industry.

Serena and Edoardo accordingly decided to combine their respective experiences, so they could specialize themselves in the construction of decorations and accessories destined for all fashion industry segments, from footwear to leather goods, and from apparel to furnishings, giving life in 2007 to Serena Cecchini Design.

“Today, our structure hosts a complete creative workshop where all the accessories and decorations are conceived, with an adjoining factory where the products take life thanks to the skilled hands of local artisans who use raw materials of the highest quality, from strictly Made in Italy finished leathers, to synthetics and accessories imported from China and India, and a showroom perfect for meeting up with clientele. – explains Edoardo Filippo Marsili -However, that which truly qualifies the Serena Cecchini Design proposal is the company’s constant research: the study of global fashion trends, which are reinterpreted in a creative way through the creation of four annual moodboards, provides inspiration to demanding high fashion customers in creating their collections. At the same time, customers are offered a special consultancy service with the creative workshop’s patternmakers, so they can provide information useful to the development of their collections”.

The range of products and services that Serena Cecchini Design proposes is genuinely vast and includes the creation of flowers and bows, trim and interweavings, embroideries and prints, studs and strass, CAD cut heat transfer and laser technologies, ruffles and hand stitching, intarsia and cut-outs, metallic and galvanised accessories, hand dyeing and dipping… an extremely rich catalogue to reply to all decoration needs, which is also open to personalisations, with the aim of always satisfying the needs of the fashion system.