Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani celebrates its 50 years. The Marche-based company was founded in 1969 as a small artisan workshop, organised by the brothers Gianfranco and Nelido Luciani. Initially dedicated to the production of hollow punches for footwear companies in the Macerata area, after only a few years the product range was expanded with the introduction of moulds for soles in plastic materials and moulds for direct injection on the upper.

50 years have passed since then. A long journey, in the name of quality and innovation. “With our customers, and thanks to them, we have embarked on ambitious challenges to create cutting-edge products. Experimenting was our watchword, to reach previously unthinkable goals”, says Gianfranco Luciani, Group administrator. “Today it is even more so, thanks to the same wish to grow as in 1969 and the desire to show that ‘made in Italy’ means quality, innovation in the pursuit of “beauty” and of “well produced” items.

Today Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani, now in its second generation, is a smart factory with a range of interconnected and automated production services and systems to the advantage of productivity and product quality that has made it famous throughout the world. The Marche Group thinks of the future, continuing with investments in research, Human Resources and in an increasingly performing structure, in the sign of sustainability, thanks to the introduction of virtuous technologies and production systems to support the environment and preserve it for future generations.