The combination of Fila's tradition and high fashion elements of Maison Mihara Yasuhiro characterizes the subversive and uninhibited tone of the collection.
The capsule is inspired by the heritage of the sportswear brand, taking up the typical elements of the brand with the fun and extremely trendy style of Yasuhiro and using the characteristic colours of the logo as a hue palette. In a clash/encounter between the elegance of the Italian style and the trendiness of the Tokyo inspiration, the designer confirms the aesthetics of high fashion sports, and projects the brand towards a more exclusive client target.
As for the materials, fit and quality are guaranteed through the use of the classic Fila technology, which involves the use of innovative and comfortable fabrics typical of sportswear. Mihara Yasuhiro goes beyond clothing and chooses T1, a classic model of Fila shoes, as a prototype for the transformation. Thus was born FM1, the new shoe that maintains the performance characteristics of the original model in an innovative guise characterized by the exclusive "Lego" sole.