Kapok fibre is a non-food fruit crop that can be picked, like an apple, from the tree on which it grows. Kapok trees do not require irrigation, pesticides, or fertilizers. They can grow on hillsides, in an environment characterised by biodiversity and on terrain not suited to agriculture, with a 100% positive impact on the environment. For these reasons, kapok fibre is a pure and natural vegan product without chemical residues. Thanks to the special technology developed for this material, the Dutch company FLOCUS™, leader in the production of textile materials derived from Indonesian kapok, is capable of spinning the highest percentage of kapok fibre, offering yarns with the thinnest yarn count available on the market (yarn blends, fabrics, non-woven fabrics, and stuffing), which can be blended to create a wide range of fabrics and insulation materials. FLOCUS™ products are naturally comfortable, lightweight (kapok is 5 times lighter than cotton), hypoallergenic, and soft to the touch – and, without any additives – feature a host of amazing properties such as moisture management, temperature regulation, oil and acoustic absorption, as well as antibacterial properties.