Israeli designer Hadar Slassi introduces the ‘walk of mind’ shoes, a hybrid fabrication design concept that blends digital and traditional planning: the result is a merge of five layers (or "stratas" as they are called here) that form the skeleton of the shoes, which are lightweight yet durable due to their leather structure. It is in use an originative shoe layering compound method that retraces the known base hierarchy of function and shape in model composition. The project combines additive manufacturing 3D printed SLS mold of a "cracked earth" effect pattern, together with wet molding vesicle forms-bumps, while hand sewing together nylon 12 polymer and vegetable-tanned leather.
"My work draws influence from shoes and feet in Judaism. Relaying on a spiritual yet earthly ground, the project allows me to inner examine my heritage and its values", Slassi mentioned.