Active for over one hundred years in the market of high-performance soles and for thirty years in the safety/military market, Frasson has developed in its own laboratories and in those of its partner Rubbermac a high-tech sole with a striking design for safety footwear: Shelter.

High performance, lightness, comfort, and versatility find perfect equilibrium in Shelter. The design, which is fruit of experience in the development of technical soles, leaves nothing to chance and every shape and volume replies to localized performance. This is especially apparent in the design of the midsole, which is made from high-resistance polyurethane, allowing for shock-absorption in the sole with energy dissipation. However, also the wrap-around toecap offers extra protection.

The tread instead implements two technologies patented by Rubbermac: #Weave and Rubbermac Polygum. The #Weave system, thanks to the geometry and pyramid morphology manages to drastically reduce the total weight of the sole, while guaranteeing maximum adherence to the ground, SRC anti-slip resistance, functionality, and durability. Rubbermac Polygum instead offers a multi-performance sole, allowing each strategic area of the rubber tread to be personalised with a special compound, in accordance with the performance required.

The compound of the tread, produced using the traditional method of vulcanisation and compression (the same as high performance tires), is proposed in a nitrite compound resistant to hydrocarbons with antistatic additives. It can also be produced in a Dielectric and ESD compound.

The midsole is instead in a low-density polyester polyurethane compound, which further reduces the final weight of the product, with resistance to hydrocarbons, acids, and solvents, while anti-mould and antibacterial additives prolong its life. Finally, it is covered in TPU or rubber film that provides an extremely high resistance to impacts, and protects from degradation by hydrolysis, bacteria, and acids.

In reply to a market that increasingly demands more eco-friendly products, Frasson makes its Shelter sole available also in an E-compound version, a compound made using a mix of virgin and recycled materials (at 20% in the case of the polyurethane midsole, and 40% for rubber), which guarantee the same high performance and respect for safety standards in the technical and safety market.