3v4a4528The Frasson logo is clearly visible on the facade of Villa Caprera in Treviso, where the company is celebrating its 100th anniversary with its customers, or rather, friends.

The location is certainly magnificent, but the real emotion comes from the words of respect and affection that each customer extends to the Veneto-based sole factory, to its employees and, above all, the family that has been guiding it for five generations.

The emotion can be felt when Gianni Frasson briefly tells the story of the company and thanks all those who have worked and continue to work for the company, who have sacrificed themselves so that this century of tradition is not wasted and continues to evolve with success.

Now in our fifth generation – Gianni Frasson said with sincerity – we want to say thank you to all those who came before us, who worked before us to prepare the ground on which we now reap the benefits.

And when asked what he thinks has characterised Frasson for a century, he doesn’t hesitate: “We always try to do what others don’t. We want to emerge not so much in terms of numbers but in terms of the product. We have always wanted to imagine a perfect sole not for the present, but for the next decade; we want to understand social changes, we want to grasp the innovations in materials and anticipate the demands of the market, so that we can take the right path before the others, perhaps helped by a bit of luck. We are not made for short-term thoughts.”

Alberto, Gianni and Carlo FRASSON
Alberto, Gianni and Carlo FRASSON

And if today more than ever the Frasson sole factory guarantees the production of classic soles, such as new cutting-edge multicomponent concepts, it is also due to the young generations that bring to life the business. This is confirmed by Carlo Frasson – who, together with Alberto represents the fifth generation at the helm of the company: “We have always invested in young people and will continue to do so in the future. We have included chemists, material engineers, language experts to combine their technical knowledge with our expertise, and mix everything with what we have learned from our customers and the market. The goal is to broaden the company’s scope and vision, and to transform Frasson into an even more advanced sole factory. Because our ambition is to be recognised as one of the main leaders when it comes to technical soles.”

We can only confirm the actual ‘youthfulness’ of the company, which is evident when visiting the production facilities where the average age of the faces clearly show how Frasson is a dynamic, future-oriented company. Alberto De Rossi, Sales Manager, continues to talk about the future: “We are aware that it will be increasingly important in the coming years to combine our proven manufacturing knowledge with the new materials and technologies offered by this decade. ‘Old School’ constructions with new cutting-edge materials that also allow simplifying the processes for workers.


In this sense, the most evident new development is certainly Ecobond, an innovative technology that helps to reduce manual assembly processes, while focusing on safeguarding the environment, as it reduces the emissions of harmful substances typical of standard processes.”

And what about customer service? There are also a lot of new developments here:

We have expanded the warehouse of finished products to increasingly meet the needs of customers and to reduce delivery times as much as possible.

Frasson, therefore, celebrates a century of life, but has no intention of resting on its laurels. The focus is on the future, on how to continue to evolve a historical sole factory that continues to write the history of the sector.