The Colombian tannery ECOCAIMAN has developed a chrome-free tanning process and is working on a project that ensures extraordinary softness

At a time when many tanneries specialized in exotic skins have been taken over by the big groups, great interest was excited in the trade by the debut at Lineapelle of Ecocaiman, a Colombian tannery specialized in processing crocodile and other skins.

It is one of the biggest South American tanners which has the great advantage of being its own breeder with some 100,000 animals, a decisive strong point in a period when sourcing raw hides is very dicey

explains Italian distributor Gianantonio Vergolani.

Ecocaiman specializes in treating skins of the Fuscus crocodile, also developing a new process of soft tanning for products in the clothing sector.

Thanks to a new technical procedure we can obtain an extraordinarily soft top quality leather for uses that were formerly unimaginable. It is a very important project completely developed in-house

Another innovation developed by the Colombian firm ia a 100% ecological tannage, totally chrome-free.

The leather are available with 11 different finishes (glazed, matt, metallized, sueded, oiled, etc.) and in 960 tones, also personalized and exclusive.

Ecocaiman produces around 4,000 crocodile skins per month (Acutus as well as Fuscus) but also treats American alligators Indonesian pythons and ostrich from South Africa.