Shoes and accessories need a photographic set to be presented to the world through e-commerce platforms. To solve the problem of an immediate still life, a digital tool is available that reduces the time and especially eliminates the costs of a photo shoot carried out by a professional.

Spheror is the innovative fully automated and made in Italy 3D photographic set that Scanny 3D produces and distributes all over the world. The tool allows you to scan and take HD photos already automatically cropped, even of reflective or transparent objects, normally difficult to photograph, and which normally require image post-processing, generate 360 ​​° or interactive 3D videos, create catalogs Web or PDF, technical sheets and interactive presentations in high definition also in "stereoscopic" vision. Compact, removable, transportable and customizable, Spheror does not require maintenance or adjustments. It is equipped with a high-definition Reflex camera and a lighting system with LED lamps that emit lights in all directions, both of which can be controlled and adjusted by means of an intuitive management software that is easy to use even by non-specialized operators. The ability to preview the photo allows you to choose the best framing and lights via software according to the product you want to photograph. The turntable and the motorized curved axis on which the camera is mounted also allows you to frame the product from different angles, so that you can subsequently zoom in on every little detail.

Furthermore, being compatible with the standards imposed by the National Industry 4.0 Plan, Spheror can take advantage of the incentives for Industry 4.0.

The outputs produced are 100% compatible with all browsers for PCs, tablets and smartphones and with the various operating systems, as well as being archived or published on the cloud and on the various social platforms. Furthermore, given the high technology it is equipped with, Spheror is offered on the market at rather low prices, making it accessible to companies that want to independently create both PDF or Web catalogs and create a real still life for the presentation of their products on the Web through e-commerce, optimizing the times and costs of implementation.