A tribute to the balance with nature, the skilled goldsmith craftsmanship and the elegant refinement of industrial luxury: the new FW 2022-23 collection by Riri Group is a real kaleidoscope of shapes, colours and materials, the meeting point of three different creative inspirations – Biophilic, Stones & Gold and Industrial Luxe.
All three lines are the result of technical avant-garde, research & development work and renowned expertise of the Swiss group, leader in the accessories and accessories sector for 85 years small parts for the fashion industry. Also unmissable are the proposals by Cobrax Metal Hub, with their evocative shapes and finishes of buckles and fastenings.
The Group, which looks to the new season with positivity and great enthusiasm, continues to work in a perspective of greater sustainability in products and processes. The collection, in fact, is a another step forward along the path of green responsibility implemented by Riri for the improvement of their performance, which this year welcomed the publication of the first Sustainability Report and the adoption of recycled polyester as a production standard for the zipper tapes.