The organisers of Gallery have no doubt about it: the success of the August edition of the event dedicated to footwear and accessories is fruit of a continued market presence even during the months of the pandemic through the digital platform. “As a brand and a platform – in fact declares Ulrike Kähler, Managing Director of Igedo – we were a constant presence that was associated with reliability and continuity. Gallery SHOES has effectively proven that it is the successful order platform for the sector. The exhibitors were delighted by the high order numbers. And the variety of collections on show motivated the professional visitors to order and add to their product ranges”.

Three days of fair, with the first two especially dynamic and characterised by a palpable enthusiasm, which translated into high order numbers and positive interaction between exhibitors and visitors, going beyond forecasts made on the eve of the event, as confirmed by managers from the main associations of reference in the market, Manfred Junker, general manager of HDS/L (the German Federal Association of the Footwear and Leather Goods Industry) and Brigitte Wischnewski, President of the BDSE (Federal Association of the German Shoe Retail Trade) during the press conference held at the fair on 30 August.

Many brands and companies of the selection used the period of crisis to work on extending their selection of products and above all on developing sustainable projects, as also reflected in the events accompanying the fair. One such event was the presentation of the HDS/L junior award “Recycling/Upcycling: Create a new style with used materials”, which saw the works of the competition presented in the event area of the fair, with the awards ceremony registering record participation numbers both in-person and in the live streaming of 29 August on TW Order-Info.

Fashion Trend Pool and Modeurop also made the most of the keen interest in their talks. Finally, Ulrike Kähler underlined the significance of accessories as an important link between the two Gallery formats: they have become an integral part of the exhibitor portfolio at Gallery SHOES & Fashion, both in terms of the bigger picture and what professional buyers are looking for at the event. She also went on to say that, with Gallery FASHION & Shoes, which takes place earlier in the season, the four annual Igedo dates in Düsseldorf are also extremely important for the shoes and accessories sector: “We are very happy with the current status and our closing event for the year 2021. As motivated and committed as ever, we are looking ahead to the future and already making preparations for the next Gallery FASHION & Shoes, which will be held from 29 to 31 January 2022, in conjunction with Showroom Concept from 27 to 31 January 2022”.

Ulrike Kähler