Gamar Italia specialises in the production and sale of small parts and accessories for leather goods and above all for the footwear sector and consists of two R&D divisions: Fashion and Technique, with its collections it is able to respond to requests both for decorative solutions in the fashion industry and for complex technical mechanisms like fasteners and quick releases useful for those who make clothing and shoes for extreme sports, for accident prevention and for military productions, where the technological and performing component must be at the highest levels.

For the luxury and prêt-à-porter segment it offers a wide range of accessories: buckles, studs, clamps, buttons and stones, labels, eyelets, rings and many other types of decorative ornaments, all customisable and modifiable according to the ideas and needs of stylists and designers. The catalogue contains over 10,000 items, designed to be flexible and suitable to satisfy any type of request, exclusive pieces of art like real jewels, necessary for fashion houses to bring their creations to a higher attractiveness and a better quality perception.

With over 40 years of continuous technological innovation behind it, the company can boast with its team of specialised personnel an effective design and engineering ability of new technical products and metal free items: hooks, rotors, carabiners, safety releases, supports and much more. In recent years, studies have been carried out on components intended for heavy use with high resistance to traction, impact and corrosion. Great energy went into making alternative shoe lacing systems and devices designed ad hoc for the millimetre adjustment of closures and locks, designed and tested following binding dimensional specifications and guarantees on functionality, tightness and smoothness.

Gamar Italia also invests in the adoption of new materials, in their properties and sustainability both of industrial and environmental type with the ambitious goal of bringing processing waste to zero. Careful and sustainable development is pursued with recycling operations in both metals and plastic composites. It increasingly pursues the vision of green growth with more emphasis and thereby the offer is being enriched with Bio-plastics and blends of vegetable origin.