dscf0068-copiaWith the arrival of Quick Lock, the innovative, simple, yet brilliant device that allows laces to be tightened and loosened with a rapid and intuitive gesture, it is
possible to avoid the usual problem of knots.

The system has been conceived so that it works like a cinch cord on the laces.  Accordingly, once the shoe has been put on and adjusted to the right tightness, Quick Lock will maintain this level of tightness without loosening up, or even worse, coming undone.

Quick Lock is made from a base of technical composite nylon that guarantees flexibility, springing back to its natural shape without deforming, and is fitted with a metallic locking system at the centre of the base itself, which works as a cinch on the laces.

20170310_112658With this customizable system that also comes available in a two-tone version, first the footwear manufacturer and then the final wearer of the shoe can benefit from a number of advantages, both in terms of the construction of the shoe’s fastening system and for daily use.

Quick Lock has been tested on running, caving, safety, and trekking footwear, as well as on fashion sneakers.  Every test, regarding a wide variety of uses, has been passed with flying colours in terms of resistance over time, ergonomics, and practicality.