Galvanica GPS is an Italian company that specializes in the surface coating of pure metals and alloys. The company, located in the Fermo area, managed to amaze the sector once again during the latest edition of Lineapelle by presenting some extremely interesting novelties.
Among them is a type of galvanization for aluminium, which is very difficult to achieve, and which, above all, allows various inserts to be welded together. A procedure that enables designers to expand their creativity in the creation of very original chains. Among other things, those chains differ from the classic brass and iron chains thanks to their extreme lightness.
Another interesting innovation is a specific type of paint that is perfect for eyelets because it is very flexible and therefore does not crack during the assembly of eyelets, thus avoiding one of the most common problems during production.
Finally, holographic coatings that, although they are usually obtained only on a black background, GPS is able to carry out by galvanization, and therefore over gold or a gunmetal effect.

Galvanica su alluminio con saldatura di inserti
Verniciatura flessibile
Verniciature olografiche anche su galvaniche