Nanotechnologies have become part of our daily life. This is the case of the G+® Graphene Plus membrane integrated in the NordaTM 001 G+® Spike High Performance Trail Shoes. A multifunctional shoe suitable to face extreme conditions. Vibram expressly developed for Norda the grip of the sole. The upper is made with dyneema fabric, while the inner side features for the first time the G+® Graphene membrane.
The G+® membrane coupled to the upper, albeit with a minimum thickness, gives the shoe excellent thermal efficiency and is able to ensure a uniform foot temperature distribution. The reduction in size ensures greater lightness and agility in use. The membrane is also antibacterial, ensuring greater hygiene. Lastly, it ensures excellent water resistance (up to 10,000mm) and windproof protection.
Directa Plus is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of graphene-based products for the consumer and industrial markets. And it is the manufacturer of the membrane applied to the Norda shoe: chemical-free, made in a sustainable way and certified as safe for users.