Comfort, toning, muscular cooling, correct posture and maximum wellbeing.
GRIN Shoes is the new enhanced shoe that makes it possible to improve performance, giving more energy with each step. A product Made in Italy, GRIN Shoes is a foot gym: the sole with differentiated rigidity, the ergonomic support and especially the new energized elastic supports with tibial support make it special.

The two lateral supports to which soft padding is anchored support body weight, thus providing the right forward propulsion and a correct upward push. The first-quality materials, light and breathable, and the elegant and yet sporty design make GRIN Shoes a perfect shoe both for urban style and for all the occasions on which one wants to walk, to pedal or to move freely.

The resulting benefits are extraordinary: fatigue reduction and a better physiological response to prolonged effort, avoiding lactic acid build-up; toning of legs, buttocks, back and abdominals, thanks to the use of more muscular groups simultaneously; rapid recovery, thanks to a more efficient oxygenation, thus avoiding the injury of muscular myofibrils.

It also improves posture. The system, determining an optimal redistribution of loads on muscular chains, optimizes respect for the natural physiological curves of the spine, thus guaranteeing a more erect posture while walking, running and in general in all the positions that require placing the foot on the ground.