An important innovation for the application of many different types of metal and ABS stones and studs arrives from the R&D area of GRUPPO MECCANICHE LUCIANI

luciani_02Urged by the real needs of the market, Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani has driven forward the study and elaboration of a new and exclusive technology for the simultaneous application of ABS RIVET STUDS, thanks to which it is possible to create elaborate patterns with many different geometries, dimensions and colors all at once, drastically reducing application time and cost. Besides, from now on it will be possible to apply also PAINTED STUDS WITH STAPLES with industrialized plants specifically designed not to damage the stud’s paint and to preserve the beauty of the finished product. The most recent fruit of this research concerns the innovation in the application of SWAROVSKI STONES, in particular the “rose pins” type. Now they are also applicable with plants that enable to make even the most elaborate patterns all at once. There are advantages on many fronts – not only the aesthetic one, given the absolute precision of application – but above all on the economic one, thanks to the reduction of the manufacturing lead time.