Today the Tuscan company is more ready than ever for change and promptly develops a strategy to not
miss out on the appointment with the FW21-22 season. Thus, Superior guarantees the level of
excellence that has always distinguished it, not only in terms of product, but also in terms of customer
service, conceiving “haute couture” samples.
The FW21-22 pre-collection is very focused and concentrated, almost in a “sartorial” manner, on the
direct and specific needs of each fashion house. It consists of real ad hoc micro-samples comparable to
“haute couture” collections featuring “classic” leather made according to the new “back to handmade”
The collection offers a range of 4 main colours: miel (goose beak yellow), ebony (very deep chocolate),
deep carmin (deep carmine) and dauphin (cyan blue with a hint of grey) with a contrasting bronze
colour, a very intense, warm and sparkling shade with special light effects.
There is no shortage of the signature Superior must-haves, very classic calf hides such as Vittoria,
Brise, Lady Plongé, Femme, Philadelphia, Levanto, Avenue, and half calf hides such as Galles,
Essenza, brushed calf hides, Old School, Raffaello and classic Superior calf hides such as Atena,
Brezza, Dan, Giove, Papier and Glass.
Despite the new method of sampling, the pre-collection offers a selection of fashion pieces, even
though the current trend is a “classic” one interpreted in a contemporary key. Superior also introduces
new hides for the trendiest part of the sample collection. They are bright but without excesses, with
balanced atmospheres, while having clear references to colours and textures from the 70s and 80s.
We come to the process for creating a Superior “handmade” hide through a few but precise processing
steps: conditioning with the spraying of water on the hides, up to creating a suitable humidity rate that
conforms to the next step of ironing, a very delicate operation that refines the grain of the leather. The
buffing action is carried out by expert, skilled and qualified personnel through the application of diluted
aniline, to create shading effects on the grain of the leather, giving it depth and transparency. The
boarding is then carried out, a process that uses a cork board to create movement on the grain of the
leather, giving it interesting characteristics thanks to the workmanship carried out by expert and skilful