Present-day times require companies to offer innovative solutions for the market’s needs. A prime example is that of Conceria Superior in Santa Croce sull'Arno which, having missed its appointment with Premier Vision, promptly undertook an innovative strategy to not miss out on its rendezvous with the FW21-22 season. It accordingly created a “haute couture” range of samples created ad hoc to suit the needs and special requirements of each individual maison.

The collection, which has a bona fide sartorial vocation, sees a predominance of classic leathers created according to the “back to handmade” philosophy. The essential colours are: miel (a goose beak yellow), ebony (an extremely dark chocolate), deep carmin (a dark carmine) and dauphin (a cyan blue with grey tones), contrasted by an extremely dark and warm bronze, which sparkles thanks to special light effects. There are then extremely classic calfskins, the signature of the tannery, half calf leather, buffed calfskins, and classic superior calfskins. Proposals that reinterpret today’s extremely popular classic mood revamped in a contemporary key, while also making a nod to fashion highlights and new radiant leathers, which are never over-the-top, with colour references and textures taken from the Seventies and Eighties.


For handmade classic quality, leathers are ennobled through four different steps in production entrusted to the hands of expert personnel: conditioning, with sprays of water on the skins that allow for an ideal moisture level in the next phase of ironing, where the grain of the leathers is refined. Dabbing with the application of diluted aniline creates shading effects that convey depth and transparency. Finally, there is boarding: through a cork board, movement is created in the leather grain.


With this new way of presenting its FW21-22 pre-collection, Conceria Superior underlines the excellence that makes it stand out not only with its products, but also in terms of customer service.