Renowned for its orientation towards innovation, over time, Hawai Italia has presented numerous items fruit of revolutionary research, including speed laces, rivets and buckles in Top Light, Pro AirWaterblock, and 200 Reef, the best composite toecap for high performance applications… Today, at Lineapelle 2019, Hawai Italia presents yet another product that is fruit of its constant research, the exclusive and innovative composite eyelet. Thanks to the use of a special material combined with the technologies implemented by Hawai Italia, the new eyelet can be cold set with the new automatic pre-drilling machines, without using washers (as in the past).

In terms of productivity, the advantages offered up by this system of application are noteworthy: rapid mounting, subsequent savings in costs, and precision in production. If all this is joined by the exclusive advantages of composite material, including lightness and the possibility of personalizing the colour and design, then an almost revolutionary product is the result.

Up until today, it was believed impossible to apply plastic eyelets using automatic machines that pre-drill: Hawai Italia took on this challenge and, by making the most of its vocation for innovation and expertise in materials and technologies, succeeded in developing a brand new ground-breaking product for the market.

The first step taken by Hawai Italia was that of developing a plastic material capable of resisting the high temperatures of production, while also guaranteeing complete reliability at the same time. The second step was that of implementing a technology capable of making the most of it. Also, in this case, the experience of Hawai Italia in developing innovative productive processes, especially for the processing of plastic materials, made the difference.