A research quoted by the World Bank indicates that nearly 20% of all water pollution world wide is related to the process of dyeing textiles. The global textile industry is accountable for massive water pollution. Thus We aRe SpinDye® aim to offer the most sustainable polyester yarns and fabrics in the fashion and apparel industry: “We believe in abandoning the harmful practice of water dyeing and leading by example, inspiring the textile world to instead choose a more sustainable method of modern dyeing”.
Using their scientific and precise colour system, We aRe Spin Dye® add it early in the manufacturing sequence. With this method, the colour pigment is integrated into the material from the beginning, without the use of water. The results are astounding – excellent colourfastness that withstands sunlight, laundry detergent, abrasion and bleach. But above all, they are leaving water out of the equation. Their easy accessible coloring process is certified and fully transparent, it delivers fabrics with excellent colour performance and a long-term awesomeness. An important fact to note is that all of the fabrics are made from one single source of yarn, which means exceptional resource efficiency and very little waste, every inch of material is used in the process. For a sport/outdoor brand or a fashion label, having foresight and being proactive will help reduce the amount of failed lab dips and rejected dye lots, with the knowledge that waste, chemicals and water use are kept to an absolute minimum.
We aRe SpinDye® operates production for customers from fashion and apparel industry around the globe, from raw-material to finished fabrics, is able to offer ingredient branding which drives consumer awareness for sustainability by making environmental benefits visible and tangible in a label. Consequently, their supply chains are fully traceable. This transparency is expected to drive consumer awareness and demand for “green” products.
Headquartered in Stockholm – Sweden, We aRe SpinDye® was founded by Martin Berling in 2014 and boasts collabs with brands such as Quiksilver, Peak Performance, Bergans of Norway, Filippa K, Roxy a Fjällräven.

Circular fashion with the SpinDye®-coloring method
To the left, water usage with regular piece dyeing. To the right, water usage with We aRe SpinDye®