In recent years, the use of recycled PET fibres has increasingly made headway in the fashion industry, thanks to the growing sensibility of manufacturers of apparel and footwear, which would like to reduce their dependence on virgin materials, and thereby reduce their carbon footprint, while giving new life to products that would otherwise end up in landfills. An answer to these needs is offered by the range of HOMBITAN® LQ products developed by Venator, and English chemical company operating on a global level, which offers the fashion and construction industries pigments and additives that protect, prolong the life of the product, and reduce energy consumption. The HOMBITAN® LQ line is fruit of innovative new liquid pigment masterbatch technology, which can be used to whiten recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibres quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. Based on the company’s established titanium dioxide platform for the fibre industry, the new HOMBITAN® LQ range is optimized for delustering PET fibres from plastic bottles that will be re-spun into polyester, ready for creating new consumer products including footwear and apparel.

There are two products in the line: HOMBITAN® LQ White 100, optimised for semi-dull recycled PET fibres; and HOMBITAN® LQ White 130 for the manufacture of full-dull fibres. Designed for small scale recycled PET projects, conducted on a single extrusion line, both products are simple to use and offer several advantages over solid (pelletized) masterbatch pigment solutions. From ease of use, to the higher solid pigment load than pelletized solutions (which with a very small quantity allow comparable whiteness and opacity results to be achieved), to the stability and resistance when processing, HOMBITAN® LQ do not require pre-treatments (unlike pelletized masterbatches, which need to be dried and crystallized) and are delivered ready to use. They can be used near spinning operations, thanks to their liquid formulation. Finally, they offer an excellent uniform whiteness, reducing the gloss typical of recycled fibres.

HOMBITAN® LQ is only the first step of Venator in the world of liquid-based products, designed to simplify the use of titanium dioxide and other additives used in a vast range of applications and sectors.

HOMBITAN® LQ è solo il primo step di Venator nel mondo dei prodotti a base liquida, progettati per semplificare l'utilizzo di biossido di titanio e altri additivi in una vasta gamma di applicazioni e settori.