Present for over 40 years in the Italian market of accessories for high quality footwear, over the years, Mondial Suole from Porto Recanati has skilfully combined the most modern technologies with meticulous craftsmanship, arriving at a daily production capacity of over 100 thousand pairs of soles, with an annual turnover of 40 million euros. The group, which counts 270 employees, recently approved a new business plan that focuses in particular on sustainability and automation, with the development of green projects relating to the circular economy, and both the recycling of materials and use of eco-friendly materials coming from discards of vegetable origins. In this context, the company is in fact planning to realise the construction of a plant capable of recovering highly polluting waste products, converting them into noble gases and re-usable raw material. The ambitious aim of the recently nominated general manager, Attilio Mucelli, is that of powering the entire production site in a sustainable manner, with an important cost efficiency as well as environmental benefits. “We have recently prepared a new business plan that sets out a growth path based on innovation and sustainability – confirmed Mucelli -. The resources provided by Illimity will enable us to implement this plan in the best way possible, speeding up the process for providing a ready response to the needs of a constantly evolving market”. In the realisation of this plan, Mondial Suole will be flanked by new banking partner, Illimity, with a plan for growth that calls for the graduation introduction of managerial figures, who will work alongside the General Manager Attilio Mucelli.