The whole company Edizioni AF is close to his wife Nadia, his children Marika and Massimo, and to the Montebello team for the loss they had to suffer on last 15 September.

Filippo Brancati joined the tannery in 1990 – together with Franco Dalle Mese, son of the tannery’s founder, Giuseppe Dalle Mese – and was in charge of managing all the business dynamics of the Venetian tannery.

We pay tribute to him by publishing the memory that Franco Dalle Mese wanted to share.

Filippo Brancati


“Don’t cry for me Argentina” was one of Pippo’s favorite songs, one of his many mottos: an incitement to be positive, negativity was not contemplated. When I met Pippo I was young and I had been working in the Tannery alongside my father for a few years. He was about to become my brother-in-law but I didn’t know we would share family, friendship and work, a lifetime. At nineteen, while he was studying economics and business at the university, he was already working as an accountant in a construction company in Montebello Ionico (RC). Later he would be in charge of administration and sales at Diano spa, one of the largest companies in the region’s sector. In 1987 he moved with my sister Nadia to the Veneto region and joined the management of Conceria Montebello (VI), at the time little more than a small artisanal business producing leather for the footwear and furniture sector.
Pippo was a man of numbers, over the years he helped us to develop a solid administrative structure and together we built the first real international sales network. Collaborations with stylists and the discovery of the fashion world began. We felt like conquerors to the sound of guitars and mortadella sandwiches. We made the first trips overseas together. Our marketing had gone as far as the top floor of a presidential suite in Hong Kong where Pippo cooked spaghetti with tomato sauce for our customers, seasoned with fresh basil transported with a seedling hidden in a suitcase.
Pippo was a rigorously made in Italy man. He also managed to found a farm, which produces wine and oil in the Calabria region. He was very proud of his organic products and of being able to share the scents of his sea and his beloved land with everyone. Thanks to my father and Pippo, in California we founded Omnia Italian design, a company of living rooms. Ironically, the factories are located a stone’s throw from Montebello (CA). A lasting and deep collaboration has been created with our partners Salvatore and Emilio and afterwards with their sons Peter and Luigi. Just one of many examples of his respect and dedication to collaborators and employees.
Pippo was as much reserved in his private life as welcoming he was towards the outside: in his life he never left anyone out, he had a rare concern for people and an insatiable desire of being in good company. At work, as in his life, he walked proudly with his strong character, always looking at things with enthusiasm, there were no problems, only solutions for him. From Pippo I learned that you must never get down on yourself and that even in the most difficult situations you must be able to see opportunities. Pippo was there for every decision made, for every won or lost battle, every success and every important moment. We have built healthy companies together involving our children thanks to passion and commitment. Despite the different characters and our heated discussions, I know I have lost the other side of my coin. A brother, a friend, an irreplaceable business partner. Montebello is a place and many places, that sum up his journey and his career. Montebello is a family that remembers and breathes him throughout his long history. Montebello retains his strength.
Thank you Pippo.                                                                                                                                                                           

Franco Dalle Mese