2021, February 19th

The 360° commitment in the field of sustainability for Industrie Chimiche Forestali (ICF), attested by the publication of the first Sustainability Report 2020, highlights the company’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact, cut down the consumption of industrial processes, increase the number of certifications, the safety and fair treatment of employees.
Between 2017 and 2019 ICF reduced emissions of the worst pollutants by 39%: Co, Nox and Voc (volatile organic compounds) from 2,337 to 3,241 kilograms. Since the 2000s, applying the best techniques available in the chemical sector (BAT), it has treated and abated all emissions of volatile organic solvents and volatile organic compounds. Energy consumption in 2019 was cut by 17% to 35,319 GJ and Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions dropped to 1062 and 1065 t VO2 equivalent. The engineering of the industrial process has made it possible to reduce water discharges to zero, introducing a closed processing cycle. Solvent-based chemicals have been reduced to 6,985 tons and polymers to 4,347, while increasing the use of regenerated polymers. The production of solvent-free or water-based adhesives has now reached 50%.
Important numbers, which are the sign of a challenge met successfully by containing the parameters through innovation at all levels.
ICF also carried out an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study which measured all the impacts of the life cycle of extruded and impregnated fabrics with the aim of publishing and recording the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) which will provide further guarantees to stakeholders. A guarantee that goes hand in hand with the numerous certifications: from UNI EN ISO 9001 adopted 24 years ago, UNI EN Iso 14001 which defines the management of all working stages, from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product. And it was among the first industries to adopt Responsible Care, a voluntary international protocol for sustainable development in the chemical industry. Finally, it adhered to Model 321 and the Emas Regulation, confirming its seriousness by publishing every year the Environmental Policy for the Marcallo con Casone factory.
Among the sustainable products, in 2019 it developed the support of Forebio Prime made up of about 90% natural fibres from FSC Mixed certified sources, that derives from raw materials that come from forests and FSC certified supply chains and managed in a responsible way.
Not even Covid has stopped the propensity towards ICF’s sustainability which in 2020 accelerated its production, without ever stopping the factories and relying on layoffs. During this period, it also started producing 100% made in Italy surgical masks and hand sanitisers.
The commitment to sustainability is also aimed at the workforce, considered the company’s main asset, where 4 people deal with HSE, health, safety and  environment. A lawyer in the supervisory body for the responsibility of Model 231 and a doctor in chemistry who assists the complex management of protocols. A streamlined board of directors slimmed down from 9 to 7 members.
The share of high school and university graduates among the 129 employees has increased, each of whom received 20 hours of training. 22 people are dedicated to research and development in three different laboratories that lead the company’s innovation. The focus is on offering qualified and sustainable work: about 95% of employees have a permanent contract and salaries are on average higher than in other industries.

2021, January 20th

VF Adhesives’ stake in Forest Chemical Industries rises to 25%

The purchase of 5% of the share capital of ICF, a leading company in the production and marketing of high-tech adhesives and fabrics for the footwear and leather goods, automotive and packaging markets, was carried out in partnership with Riello Investimenti Partners

First Capital Spa, a financial holding specialsed in Private Investment in Public and Private Equity, announces on behalf of VF Adhesives Srl, an investment vehicle wholly owned by First Capital, which on 26 January 2021 increased by 5% its equity investment held in Industrie Chimiche Forestali Spa (ICF). The transaction was carried out in partnership with Riello Investimenti Partners SGR Spa which, through the private debt fund Impresa Italia, subscribed in full the debt securities for an amount of 5 million euro issued by VF Adhesives. At this point, VF Adhesives has come to hold 25% of ICF’s share capital.
Riello Investimenti Partners, a totally independent asset management company, is active in the management of private equity and private debt funds. The Impresa Italia fund, one of the first private debt funds launched in Italy, invests in debt securities issues of Italian SMEs, with the aim of supporting them in optimising their financial sources. The fund’s management style is active and follows an “equity style” and ESG logic.

“With this transaction, we confirm our objective of supporting ICF and its top management in the medium-long term development and growth path. – declared Vincenzo Polidoro, Chief Executive Officer of First Capital – ICF has proven to be resilient to the impacts of the pandemic and able to adapt quickly and successfully to the new market balances, thanks to excellent products, supported by continuous investments in research and development, to a strong focus on sustainability issues and a management strongly dedicated to corporate growth”.

Alberto Lampertico, Investment Director of the Private Debt Impresa Italia fund, adds: “We share with First Capital the long-term growth objectives of SMEs; we therefore decided to support it in this particular operation, because we appreciated ICF’s enormous growth potential on the domestic and international market, thanks to a wide range of products with different applications in resilient sectors. ICF has the flexibility of a SME, which allows it to offer tailor-made solutions to the main players in the sector in a global market, but at the same time boasting a rigorous attention to compliance and quality management issues, investing heavily in the integration of economic, environmental and social sustainability, with products and programmes that are attentive to the environment and human resources”.

2020, December 22nd

Industrie Chimiche Forestali focusses primarily on circular economy

The development of new products for the footwear sector, made of recycled polymers by more than 50%, highlights the strategic value that ICF assigns to environmental and social sustainability to grow and compete on international markets.

Guido Cami

Industrie Chimiche Forestali S.p.A. strengthens the constant commitment to circular economy and sustainability with the development of a series of items for the footwear sector consisting of a significant part (more than 50%) of selected and recycled polymers, deriving from injection process waste of other product sectors. ICF has started the process to obtain the GSR certifice for these products.

“The new and innovative solution confirms how much the sustainability issue is now central to our Group – highlights Marcello Taglietti, COO of Industrie Chimiche Forestali S.p.A. – whose company management has been primarily focused on respecting the environment and human resources for over twenty years. It is a result that confirms the strength and quality of our Research and Development department which constantly works to implement increasingly innovative and sustainable techniques and products”.

Since 1997 the Company has undertaken a path for the implementation of the Integrated Company Management System for Quality, obtaining the certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. In the following years, Industrie Chimiche Forestali has also adopted the Environmental Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001 standard and the EU Regulation N° 2017/1505, and the Safety Management System in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 standard. Since 2010 the Company has consolidated all the Management Systems achieved and voluntarily adopted Model 231. Since 1998 Forestali has started its commitment in total respect of the environment by using regenerated and recycled materials in its products and producing adhesives with low environmental impact.

Guido Cami, President & CEO of Industrie Chimiche Forestali S.p.A. states: “Pursuing sustainability principles means also for ICF being competitive and operating on the global market with innovative products, generating the profitability that allows investing in new plants, training and research but also remunerating capital and labour.”